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The Geek Roundtable Ep22 - Star Trek Deep Space Nine



We're back with Episode 22 of The Geek Roundtable

For this episode host Kenny Mittleider along with guest hosts Tony, Melody, Chad and Anne discuss Star Trek Deep Space Nine.


Host of The Geek Roundtable:


KennyProfilePix.jpg Kenny Mittleider is a Post Production Supervisor for TV and a seasoned veteran when it comes to podcasting. He's been podcasting for over 10 years, he started guest podcasting on Treks in Sci Fi before creating a sub podcast call The Ready Room for Treks in Sci fi. He then created several companion podcasts for the webseries The Guild and My Gimpy Life, Knights of the Guild Podcast and My Gimpy Life Podcast, respectively. Over the years he's created other podcasts; Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, MASH4077 Podcast, We Are Nerdstrong Podcast and now The Geek Roundtable Podcast.


Tony.jpeg Tony Nagatani is a writer, singer, video editor, podcaster, and reformed electoral-politico. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Tony has spent the majority of his adult life living in Los Angeles working in post production, on TV shows like VH1’s Behind the Music, MTV’s Laguna Beach & The Hills, A&E’s Storage Wars, and Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC,, and YouTube. He has worked on electoral political campaigns in Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon North Carolina, Florida, Washington D.C., and California. Tony is also the co-host of the Model Majority Podcast which covers politics, culture, and life through an Asian American lens. Tony has only recently realized Star Trek > Star Wars, don’t @ him.


Melody2.jpeg Melody Strmel works for an environmental non-profit, organizes for Comic Arts Los Angeles, runs the LA chapter of the UN and Emma Watson's Our Shared Shelf feminist book club, has published Harry Potter academia, and is a former Disneyland Cast Member (Teamsters Local 495). She typically spends her free time reading, cooking, going to the gym, or visiting museums. Melody is a hardcore Hufflepuff and hopes that you have a really excellent day. 


chad.jpgChad Singleton works with Princess Cruises, supporting Entertainment Technical elements for their fleet of 18 ships. You can find Chad on one of the continents of the world, floating on one of the seven seas, or at home in Los Angeles...depending on the time of year. Regardless of where you find him he’ll likely have a keyboard or controller in hand.


AnnePix.jpg Anne Westcott is a quirky, curvy and athletic warrior!  Anne was born and bred in Minnesota, and has been actively working and living in CA for the past eight years.  Anne is an actor, baker, stunt coordinator and Gym Master at Nerdstrong Gym.  Thanks to Anne’s mom she fell in love with the classic movies, science fiction (novels, TV shows and movies) and DC and Marvel Comics.  Anne is looking forward to being able to fly someday, she is just thinking of the right happy thought.

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