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The Geek Roundtable Ep6 - Lord of the Rings Trilogy



We're back with Episode 6 of The Geek Roundtable

For this episode host Kenny Mittleider along with guest hosts Anne, Lauren, John, Josh and Adam talk about Peter Jackson's masterpiece Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


Host of The Geek Roundtable:


KennyProfilePix.jpg Kenny Mittleider is a Post Production Supervisor for TV and a seasoned veteran when it comes to podcasting. He's been podcasting for over 10 years, he started guest podcasting on Treks in Sci Fi before creating a sub podcast call The Ready Room for Treks in Sci fi. He then created several companion podcasts for the webseries The Guild and My Gimpy Life, Knights of the Guild Podcast and My Gimpy Life Podcast, respectively. Over the years he's created other podcasts; Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast, Alien Nation: The Newcomers Podcast, MASH4077 Podcast, We Are Nerdstrong Podcast and now The Geek Roundtable Podcast.


Profile_picture.jpg John T.M. Higgins is a musician, audio editor, and writer originally from Arlington, MA just outside of Boston. He plays piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, sings and is equally comfortable performing classical music in concert halls and rock n' roll at The Viper Room. His favorite geekdom is Star Wars. He currently is a post-production sound editor and re-recording mixer for films and writes tech product buying guides for The Wirecutter. He and his wife have a precocious and joyful two-year old.


JoshPix.jpg Josh Marvin is an avid consumer of nearly everything in geek culture, and is a frequent participant in tabletop games and RPGs on both sides of the screen. When he's not designing television graphics, he's most likely playing video games on his Twitch stream at He can also be found on the other social medias @Zugtothezwang.


AdamPix.jpg Adam West is a Choctaw two-spirit artist, costumer, writer, gamer and educator. Born in Oklahoma, former Professor of Costume Design at SUNY Geneseo, and now at home in Los Angeles as a costumer for TV and film, most notably working on the last four seasons of Teen Wolf. His fandoms include GI Joe, Star Trek, X-Men, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Firefly, Supernatural, Farscape, and just about everything else. He is a recovering MMO-aholic and an avid player of Table-top RPGs, He can currently be seen frequently on the Happy Jacks RPG channel contributing to their gaming discussion podcast and playing Actual Plays of any game they'll let him. 


AnnePix.jpg Anne Westcott is a quirky, curvy and athletic warrior!  Anne was born and bred in Minnesota, and has been actively working and living in CA for the past eight years.  Anne is an actor, baker, stunt coordinator and Gym Master at Nerdstrong Gym.  Thanks to Anne’s mom she fell in love with the classic movies, science fiction (novels, TV shows and movies) and DC and Marvel Comics.  Anne is looking forward to being able to fly someday, she is just thinking of the right happy thought.


 LaurenPix.jpg Lauren Andrews is an animation artist working in television. She live in Los Angeles with her two cats.


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